New Pond Farm

6th Annual 
Redding Road Race
"A Run For The Cows"
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Sunday May 7, 2017

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Run Redding News

1/21/12:  Registration is still going very strong and the race will close out before too long. 

We are finalizing a couple things, so, we can't talk about them yet, but we'll have some really cool news coming out shortly.  One of them concerns the new shirt logo, another some additional runner giveaways and there are a couple of other really cool things. Check back.

Today was an awesome day to run.  I ran part of the RRR 10k course along with other roads and the only thing I saw on the roads were plows.  New Pond Farm has a couple of relatively new members in their cow family.  One is a brown calf and another is an even younger, mostly white one with some brown spots.  Very cute.  I also saw the brown calf on this home page - he's growing up but still is tiny compared to the full grown cows.

12/28/11:  Hope everybody's holidays are going well.  After talking with Police Chief Fuchs of the Redding Police Department, we've agreed that 4 Redding police officers will be situated throughout the race.  This combined with traffic being extremely light on the route on Sunday mornings (personal case studies every weekend), should make you feel extremely safe throughout.

The race committee will be meeting with the New Pond Farm BOD next week to go over race details, most important being runner limit. My guess is we'll limit the size of the combined field to between 300 and 500, so register early - with the heavy flurry of early registration (we now have runners from 8 different states registered!!), I anticipate having to close registration well before Race Day.


12/18/11:  After discussions with various parties, we've decided to not include the 5K in the Redding Road Race for this year. Runner interest has been amazing, and we may have to close out runner registration at some point to make sure we have as enjoyable race as possible.  Logistically this also is in our best interest, because the 5K needed to have a separate start line than the Half and 10K, so now we can have one start line, one start time and one finish line.  The Mad Cow challenge will still be run, but instead of a 3.1 mile first run it'll be a 4 miler.  Once we determine a desired runner number, we will post on the site when capacity is nearing.  As always, we encourage you to take advantage of early bird pricing while eliminating the risk of getting closed out. We encourage all 5Kers to try and challenge themselves with the 10K or run the RES PTA 5K in Redding on Memorial Day weekend.

12/17/11:  Met up with Jim Gerweck, CT Race director/Running Times editor/Stamford Advocate writer extraordinaire, he really really liked the course and will be certifying it shortly.  Look for his writeup about the race in the Stamford Advocate shortly.

12/13/11:  Today was a great day for the Redding Road Race.  Kate Stoker, whom I'm sure most of you know from running CT races, has offered her help for the race.  Her race running experience and contacts in the running community will be invaluable.  On a related note, it looks like the race will have massage therapists at the end of the race- stay tuned for more details.

12/11/11:  A lot has been happening recently; I'll summarize here as best I can:

- Registration has just opened and the response has been great - we're getting runners registering already and we've barely started promoting the race

- I ran the Gail's Trail run today and we handed out our first set of race flyers.  Everybody was very receptive and the race itself was a lot of fun and, more importantly, benefitted a great cause - nice sweatshirt giveaway too!!

 -Great news:  Coach Mindy of the Running Center (NYC) will be providing running tips on the site.  Coach Mindy has instructed over 10,000 runners since 1992, including myself.  Look for her running tips soon and visit her site (

-I'm having a lot of fun with this so far.  It's incredible how many people have contacted me, excited about the race. I just talked to Scott Stone of the Boys & Girls Club of Redding / Easton's Cross Country & Hiking Club.  He asked me to help out in organizing a running club in Redding/Easton for kids and adults and I think it's an awesome idea by Scott, Dan Sullivan and the rest of the committee members. This is something that has been sorely missing in Redding and I am thrilled to have been contacted by Scott. It's ideals tie directly with the Race's ideals.

-One of my primary focuses now is sponsorship for the race.  Sponsors are a big key, because virtually all registration fees go to runner giveaways and other race fees.  If you know of any companies who might be interested (no matter how small), please direct them my way.  I'm in discussion with a few companies for the name sponsorship and have commitments from a few more for smaller sponsorships and in-kind donations (food, merchandise, etc).

- If your like outdoor winter running and live in the area, I highly recommend the Boston Buildup Series starting in early January.  For the last 15 years or so, Jim has done a great job with this series of 4 races (10k, 15k, 20k and 25k) in various Fairfield towns. At $40 for 4 races, you can't beat the price and they're fun, challenging courses.

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