New Pond Farm

6th Annual 
Redding Road Race
"A Run For The Cows"
Sponsored by
Sunday May 7, 2017

Event Countdown


Cancellation Policy

Since we have to order shirts, medals, etc. weeks to months ahead of time, we can not offer refunds on registration. 

In saying that, we do realize injuries and other things occur (believe me, we've paid for and "skipped" more races than we care to remember), so we will allow for you to transfer your bib. If you can find someone who wants to run in your place (maybe try posting on the site's Facebook page), we will allow you to transfer your bib at NO COST.  You'll have to collect the fee with the other runner, and the other runner will have to fill out and submit a registration form. The race closes out quickly and we'll maintain a waiting list, so, transferring will be simple.

If you wish to change races, you can, just contact us with the details.  If you move up in distance, you'll just have to pay the difference.